In these illustrations of the Wing pick you will see that the design incorporates a typical pick with some significant modifications. Oh yes,...our logo too. See next illustration.

The area outlined in white is the flexible rubber component molded onto the pick. This is the gripping area of the Wing pick. It is approximately the same thickness as the pick itself, so your hand actually doesn't feel much difference than a normal pick. The added surface area is almost doubled, which allows for more surface of your fingers to be in contact with the pick. The rubber material is designed to be "non-slip", and its pliability allows for it to conform to your hand easily.

This area in white shows a regular pick, minus a strategic cut-out for the thumb position. Our tests have indicated that the removal of this area allows for a more ergonomic feel and much better gripping capabilities, which is what the Wing pick is all about.
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Innovative Plectrum Design

The Wing Pick − For Guitars and all Stringed Instruments
If you are a guitarist or bassist that uses a pick, surely you have tried the various options that have been available to you up to this point
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