Why consider the WING Pick?

Dropping your pick has always been one of the accepted and frustrating hazards of using a flat guitar pick. Vigorous strumming, sweaty fingers, lack of concentration, or a cramped hand is often the reason for the "plectrum release". Up to now, various designs have claimed to be effective in the treatment of these symptoms, but many have been disappointed with the industries attempt at curing this age old problem.

One very popular design is "pick holder", which holds up to 5 or 6 picks for the user to supply themselves with readily available picks in case of the dreaded "plectrum release". This design only addresses the issue of dropped picks, and not at the root cause of the problem, which we believe to be a too small, and too slick a gripping area.

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some unique qualities that no other pick can claim to.

The Wing Pick − For Guitars and all Stringed Instruments
For Your Information: Each Wing Pick is individually hand crafted in Vancouver, Washington − just north of Portland, Oregon. We are dedicated to keeping the manufacture of the Wing Pick in the United States. We believe the Wing Pick is the most versatile, custom pick available..