Turning the Wing pick 90 degrees allows for an added versatility in plectrum design that NO OTHER pick has to offer. In this position, the Wing pick offers a muted, softer tone to the strings, and allows the player an added dimension to their performance. Playing the Wing pick in this fashion reduces the volume of the guitar to about half its normal level. This can come in handy when vigorous strumming is needed without the volume. Try it and see for yourself!

Storage of the your pick has now become easier and more reliable. You will discover that the Wing pick holds its position between the fretboard and the strings making it almost impossible for the pick to loosen and become lost.

Versatility and Reliability

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The standard pick and its common method of storing created two problems. First, it often becomes unlodged and falls from its not-so-secure place woven inbetween the first three or four strings of a guitar. This, in turn would often allow it to become lost, and thus the user would need to replace the pick. Second, (depending on the thickness) picks would become bent (curved) and depending on the player, would not be a desirable result. The WING pick, as shown above eliminates these issues.
The Wing Pick − For Guitars and all Stringed Instruments

The lifespan of a WING pick is, on average substantially greater than of a normal flat guitar pick. We have had incidents of WING picks lasting up to 3 to 4 months of steady use, without wearing out, or being lost.

And last but not least, we invite you to take the next step and purchase a WING pick for yourself and discover the difference this well-designed pick can make to your playing. Just go to the last page (Ordering Info) and follow the instructions.

After the WING pick is inserted BEHIND the strings (not woven) you will discover that the WING pick does not become distorted and bent as do other picks when stored that way.