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Thank you for making the decision to purchase the WING pick.

At this time WING pick is using PAYpal to
complete ordering of WING picks from buyers.

Please be assured that any information submitted to WING Pick/PAYpal will NOT be given or sold to
any marketing, advertising, soliciting, government, public or private agency of any kind.

Picks can be purchased in mixed thicknesses/styles.
Prices includes shipping, tax, and handling.


*There is no provision for automated price reductions on PayPal for higher quantities at this time.
We can either send a rebate check, or send extra picks in the quantity equaling the discount amount.
Please email us telling us which option you prefer.

PAYpal ordering is really quite simple.
If you have not done it before, here's how it works for this site.

1. Click on the "Add to Cart" button for the desired size that you want to purchase.
2. You will be linked to the PAYpal shopping cart.
3. Enter the quantity desired for that size, then click on "Update Cart".
4. If you are finished, click on "Secure Checkout". ...If you want to purchase other sizes, go to "Continue Shopping".
5. You will be linked back to this page, then click on the new size "Add to Cart", and go thru the same steps.
6. When you ARE done, click on "Secure Checkout" to purchase your WING picks.

- email us and we'll help you there too.

The WING Pick comes in five common THICKNESSES, and two STYLES.